How To Claim EPF Money After Death Of The Subscriber?

How To Claim EPF Money After Death Of The Subscriber?

EPF is a retirement savings scheme subscribed by all employees in the country wherein they contribute 12% of their basic salary and dearness allowance each month. The employer also is mandated to contribute a similar portion to the employee’s fund.

While guidelines for the EPF account redemption or transfer are stipulated by the EPFO, there can also be a case when the subscriber or the EPF account holder dies and the family members are then left in a lurch on how to get the proceeds from the account.

So, here we will help you out with the procedure to make the claim in case the subscriber of the EPF account dies:

EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases/ EPF Death Claim Form 20 

The single Composite form can be used to claim EPF money, monthly pension amount and the life insurance proceeds in case the subscriber of the EPF account dies during or after the employment.

Who Can Make the Claim?

On death of the EPF member, nominee made at the time of initiation of the account can apply for the claim. But, in case if the nominee happens to be a minor then his or her guardian will be eligible to make the claim.

Else if no valid nomination exists then family member(s) of the deceased can make the claim with complete details in respect of surviving family members as on the date of death of the member. If both the above are not applicable then in such a case legal heir supported by a legal heir ship certificate can make the claim.

Other documents needed

Death certificate of the deceased EPF account holder -In case of more than one claimant, a joint photograph of all the claimants together has to be given to avoid any fraud – If the deceased has children who are making the claim then birth of certificate of each of them has to be given – First page of the passbook or cancelled cheque of the bank account in which you wish to get the EPF money credited – In case if the pension component is applicable towards the EPF account then the claimant has to submit the EPFO issued – EPS Scheme certificate which provides details of the beneficiary who will be eligible to receive pension amount etc after the death of the subscriber.

Points to Note:

The form for the claim asks the claimant to specify his or her contact number to get SMS alerts. And on different stages of approval, the claimant will get an alert via SMS. Also the EPFO website can be visited to know the status of the claim made under the link ‘ Know Your Claim Status’.



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