Google Play Store now lets you see ‘What’s New’ in apps

Google Play Store now lets you see ‘What’s New’ in apps

The Google Play Store has seen a number of updates recently aimed at improving the user experience when using the signature app store for Android smartphones. The Play Store is pre-installed application and content distribution system for most Android smartphones, and is maintained and curated by Google itself. It is estimated to have over three million applications, with well over 100 billion app downloads since its launch back in 2009. With its rapidly increasing user base, Google is continuously working to keep the Play Store secure and as easy-to-use as possible.

The latest update is one that not a lot of users may immediately notice or consider significant, but is aimed at making using the Google Play Store and its apps a bit easier. Users of the Play Store can now read the ‘What’s New’ excerpt in all apps directly on the updates page itself. Earlier, the only way to read this segment was to go on to the page of the specific app. This is particularly useful as it will allow users to know exactly what changes the app update will bring without having to specifically go to the app page. While it is recommended that users keep all apps up to date as much as possible, data availability and internet speed often play a role in deciding when to update an app. The update will assist users in making these decisions efficiently.

In order to see the new feature, Android smartphone users can go to the Google Play Store and bring up the updates section. Here, if any apps have an available update, they’ll be shown at the top, while other apps are shown in order of having been updated with the most recent closest to the top. There is now a small downward-pointing arrow alongside every app, next to the Update / Open button. Tapping on this shows the ‘What’s New’ section, where a small excerpt mentions the changes to the app as a result of the update. This will mention any new features or bug fixes in the app, as described by the app developer.

The Google Play Store has regularly seen improvements and changes to keep up with user demands. Google recently also rolled out the updated list of Android Excellence apps for Q2 2018 – apps that are designed to work best on the Android platform and take advantage of the key features of the system. Earlier this year, Google removed a record 700,000 fake and bad apps from the Play Store in an effort to make the system more secure and user-friendly.

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