Fully automatic? This restaurant takes just 180 secs to prepare a meal

Fully automatic? This restaurant takes just 180 secs to prepare a meal

While humanity may have its inhibition of the robots, we must appreciate the technological advancement we have done in this field. Robotics has developed so much that there are people who have an automated restaurant. The restaurant is called Spyce which cooks your food without any chefs. And the bewitching fact is that the restaurant takes only three minutes or less to prepare the meal. Spyce has been tagged as the world’s first automated restaurant, using robots to cook all your food.

The restaurant was built by four MIT students. The students made the restaurant in their fraternity basement. The students initially wanted to make a place which makes nutritious food at an affordable cost. Spyce makes food bowls and all of them start at $7.50. The menu at Spyce revolves are vegetable focused. The students do not use beef as they believe that it is a non-sustainable ingredient.

How Spyce works?

At Spyce, the cooking starts when the ingredients are poured in the hoppers and then it is tossed in the work. Then the restaurant uses induction technology to cook the ingredients by regularly tumbling them around. What is interesting is that there is no need of chefs for any of the process. What all is needed is mere electricity and water.

It is the robotic kitchen which checks the entire cooking process refrigeration, and water temperatures. However, it is not fully automated. One would need chefs to prepare and cut the ingredients. Other than this human touch, the entire restaurant is automated. If you want to order at Spyce, you can do that using touchscreens.




Source:- financialexpress